Forecast Premium 1.1.5 [Paid] APK

Forecast Premium 1.1.5 [Paid] APK

Forecast Premium 1.1.5 Overview:

Forecast Premium 1.1.5 [Paid] Latest Version Free Download.Forecast Premium v 1.1.5  new Version Direct Link is here.
This app currently supports
• English
• Polish
• Dutch
• Spanish
• Italian
• (coming soon) Czech & German
If you are interested in helping to translate the app (you will also get a free version of Forecast) into your language, please contact me or visit
Forecast is a new material design weather app that gives you hourly and daily weather forecasts. It comes with the following additional features:

Quick Setting Tile
For users with devices that run Android 7.0+, the Forecast tile gives you a summary of the weather for your current location in your quick settings.

Weather warnings
This lets you know if any of the Places on your weather list have any weather warnings. It can be accessed from the navigation drawer on the main screen.

Graphs allow you to easily view the changes in precipitation, wind speed, humidity, temperature and pressure during the course of a day or a week.

Weather Alerts
Weather alerts allow you to setup alerts for any of the places that you have added. For example, you could use this feature to create an alert that warns you if it is going to rain in your location up to a week before so that you are prepared beforehand.

Time Travel
Forecast also has a Time Travel feature which allows you to view historical weather data from the past, as well as weather forecasts for dates in the distant future.

Daily Notifications
Weather notifications sent on a daily basis that tell you about the weather conditions for your current locality.

Dashclock Extension & App Widget
Forecast comes with a Today widget which gives you a summary of the weather forecast for the current day in any location, as well as a Daily widget that summarises the upcoming weather forecast in any location for the next couple of days. In addition, if you have already installed DashClock, you can use the Forecast Current Weather extension to view a summary of the weather forecast for the day, along with the current temperature, from your home screen.

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