Berzerker CM12-13 Theme 0.3.9 APK

Berzerker CM12-13 Theme 0.3.9 APK Full Free Download

Berzerker CM12-13 Theme 0.3.9 Apk Free Download.Berzerker CM12-13 Theme Apk Full Version mean Berzerker CM12-13 Theme All Features are Unlocked and Berzerker CM12-13 Theme 0.3.9 Latest Cracked Full Version Is Here.

Berzerker is a Beautiful Dark Theme with Chrome and silver accents.. Berzerker was inspired by Vikings they call the Berserkr. I created this theme for the world famous CM Theme engine, its compatible with CM12, CM12.1, and Cm13. This is for the CyanogenMod CM Theme Engine.

I will update Berzerker with the latest commits as CyanogenMod makes them available , that way we can all have a best user experience.. I do run my themes myself and will keep them updated and will continually add more as I theme new apps.. Big Thank you, to Google, XDA, and CyanogenMod for their pursuit to give us the best of Android


This has become a big theme so allow a few mins for it to completely install. Thank you

Please enable Night/Dark Theme in apps that have the option, I theme many apps that use day/night or dark/light theme options.

If you are using a custom theme, you should apply the stock theme, reboot then apply my theme and reboot at least once.
Confirmed Working On - Official DU, AOSiP, AICP, RR, Bliss, Pure Nexus, EOS, Exodus, Temasek 5.0 thru 6.0.1 and CM12 thru 13

Because some Unofficial Rom builds make Unofficial edits, and add mods that may conflict with heavily modded Themes, I am not supporting Unofficial builds. Please have a good working backup just in case. If you have an issue please email me and I will do my best to fix

Berzerker includes over 160 dark themed apps and over 200 matching icons

☆New to Berzerker☆

Take a peek at all the apps I include and any new changes I make below

My themes are compatible with the TBO n Theme Ready apps from djdarkknight, DaveyAnnihilation, Train88 and the whole TBO Team. Check em out, and dont be scared of the dark.
For My Berzerker Keyboards

*Please check Holo White or Blue for my Berzerker Keyboard..
*Please check Material light or Dark for my Material Dark Keyboard

Play Store Link: Berzerker CM12-13 Theme

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Berzerker CM12-13 Theme 0.3.9 Apk Download [82.9 MB]