KLWP Dark Skiddles 1.41 APK

KLWP Dark Skiddles 1.41 APK

KLWP Dark Skiddles 1.41 Overview:

KLWP Dark Skiddles 1.41 Latest Version Free Download.KLWP Dark Skiddles 1.41 new Version Direct Link is here.
You will need the PRO version of KLWP (Kustom Live Wall Paper).
Check out videos below!

You get:

Many presets....
Many komponents...

2 ICON FONTs: CraftMathGearsV1 (gears that you can animate) and CraftBasicWeather (a simple weather icon font).

The Dark Skiddles Template and Dark Skiddles Simply Centered are TEMPLATES. You will need to add your own information to each bar. I did this for the purpose of allowing you to add whatever you want into each bar and sliding tab/page. You can use your own fonts, icon fonts, etc. once you begin customizing this template, but leave the Paint option as CLEAR for text to maintain the color changing effect.

Play Store Link: KLWP Dark Skiddles

KLWP Dark Skiddles Screen Shots

KLWP Dark Skiddles 1.41 Apk Download Links:[17.3 MB]