Smart Driver Premium APK

Smart Driver Premium APK

Smart Driver Premium Overview:

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Smart Driver - handy radar cameras and traffic police, as well as a video recorder in one application. It warns where traffic cameras on the road, including indicate their type:
- Camera speed only including "Arrow"
- Camera at the stop line and running a red
- Camera on a strip of public transport and the sidelines
- Stationary post of DPS
- Steam chamber, controlling the average speed on a road section ( "Avtodor")
- The camera is looking "in the back"
- Ambush traffic police or mobile camera on a tripod.
When approaching your car aimed at the camera app will say something like, "The camera on the stop line, the restriction of 60", and the screen will show your speed and the distance to the camera. With a significant excess of the speed limit is a constant beep until the speed is not reduced, or you leave the camera control zone.

Permanent connection to the Internet while traveling is required. Radar works offline, online only need to update the database of cameras before the ride.

You can set a separate icon on the quick launch Smart Driver in the background with another application, such as: Yandex Navigator Navitel (Navitel), card or Torque application with data on ODB and ODB2.
Warning about the cameras will be displayed on top of the main application screen, and they can be removed with one click, if they interfere.

Note that the GPS velocity is determined by accurately than most cars on a speedometer which shows the speed calculated from the wheel rotation speed and its diameter. Wheel diameter - setting unstable, so the speed on the speedometer car can be lowered by 5-10 km / h at a speed of 110 km / h, 10% at a speed of 200 km / h. At speeds up to 60km / h almost no errors.

Video recording is done repeatedly, you can select a recording quality and where to store the record: in device memory or on the SD-card.

The application works in several countries in Russian, English and German (in descending order of the number of cameras in the database):
- Russia
- Germany
- Ukraine
- Belarus
- Kazakhstan
- Uzbekistan
- Turkmenistan
- Azerbaijan
- Armenia
- Georgia

Some features in the application is available only after the purchase of premium, most of them are connected with a comfortable job applications in the background, along with the navigator:
- Voice warning about the cameras: the app says "Camera 60" will only beep without premium.
- A warning on top of other applications. It is convenient to work with the navigator, a warning will appear on top of the browser screen.
- A quick start with the navigator
- Update the database without restrictions, without a premium upgrade is not more than once every 7 days
- 512 MB limit on the video recording.

The cost of premium:
99 rubles - a monthly subscription, ideal to try premium
590 rubles - the annual subscription,
990 rubles - a lifetime purchase, once bought - and no more expenses.

Subscriptions automatically renew, they must cancel their own in the "Account" Google Play Store. Any purchase is tied to your account to Google Play and works on all devices, which is connected to your account.

Appendix similar to Arrow radar and MAPK.

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