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This is the story of the anti-stone "record" to ruin (zero) -
By those of the suddenly appeared variant, peaceful world was understood as to the character (code).
To summon the hero of a different world, regain the world along with the shaman!

◇ ◆ finally appeared a new generation of the new RPG that Sega send! ◆ ◇
Rich full-scale RPG that can be enjoyed on Smartphone!
The main story is proceeding in full voice. Further prepare a story for each of remembrance in addition to the main story.
Koe to ruin along with the charming remembrance (zero)!

[Soruzero Story]
- Selected by the user, it gathers in ruin (zero).
Demise visited without any harbinger, all were taken to the character (code)
A friend, a family, regain the day-to-day peaceful!
This is an anti-stone to ruin (zero), the story of the record.
"Rerikusu" Aoki door it is to bring a blessing to the world.
Peace of Guranidia, under and serve it "Rerikusu", "Miko", had been thought to last forever.
People, town, transforms into to the Red character.
...... By the hand of Monodomo of suddenly appeared variant
Miko Luce make a forest.
In order to call a "remembrance" that is the soul of the different world of the hero.

[Game Description]
Great power battle compelling 3D characters unfolds in the smartphone!
Trying to wipe out the enemy feeding the "final mystery (Seoul Arts)" with a simple swipe operation.
We will confront the enemy looming in the spirits of the player favorite!
Mod 1:
[.1.] Player Damage x10
[.2.] Enemy is Stunned - just abuse 'em 

Mod 2:
[.1.] Player One Hit Kill
[.2.] Enemy is Stunned - abuse 'em more 

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