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'The Eighth Continent 2: The Chasm' is the much anticipated second interactive novel of a trilogy in which you play the hero!
(This paid version is identical in content to the free version, but contains no adverts.)
In the first gamebook you sought your lost family across post-apocalyptic London, but now you must venture north, to a mysterious place they call The Chasm.
Scavenge, fight, hack, trade and now persuade your way through a ruined world.
- Choose: Another branching storyline where every choice has a consequence.
- Explore: Conditional choices, where your options may depend on the items in your inventory, your health or mental state, previously visited locations, your reputation with other characters, or even your wealth!
- Fight: A card-based fighting mini-game.
- Hack: A mini-game for hacking electronic locks.
- Scavenge: A mini-game where you scavenge for precious goods.
- Trade: Vendors to buy and sell.
- Decode: A decryption mini-game to decode secret records.
- Persuade: A mini-game where you persuade characters to your point of view.
- Record: A new ‘scrapbook’, where texts found in the wasteland build up a picture of life after End-Day.
- Manage: An inventory of consumables and quest items for you to manage.
- Over 900 pages.
- 36 achievements.
- An improved, automatic bookmark save system.

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