Vespertilio Bat OS for KLWP 1.0 APK

Vespertilio Bat OS for KLWP 1.0 APK

Vespertilio Bat OS for KLWP 1.0 Overview:

Vespertilio Bat OS for KLWP 1.0 Latest Version Free Download.Vespertilio Bat OS for KLWP 1.0 new Version Direct Link is here.
The ultimate KLWP Tech home screen is here!
Vespertilio BatOS is a 3 page futuristic UI for people who want the best design and exclusivity. After all if everybody can have it, we don't want it.
"I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best."
- Oscar Wilde

This is not a stand alone application, you need to download Kustom Live Wallpaper(KLWP) and its pro key before use.

How to set it up

Required apps/software: KLWP (with pro key), Nova launcher

Step 1: Using Nova Launcher create 3 blank pages and set the middle page as home.

Step 2: Go to the Nova Launcher settings>Desktop and change the desktop grid to 12 vertical by 8 horizontal.

Step 3: Set KLWP as your wallpaper

Step 4: Open KLWP and tap the menu icon (3 lines at the top left)

Step 5: Select 'Load Preset' and then select the 'BatOS' from the installed tab

Step 6: Press the save icon on the top right and return to your home screen

And you're all set!

To change the shortcuts you'll need to enter the KLWP app and tap on whichever icon you want to change the shortcut of. Then tap the edit button that appears and select your desired shortcut. Remember you need to hit save in order for the changes to apply.

Known Issues
The preset does not fit well with Samsung Galaxy Note Edge devices.
Do not purchase unless you are willing to move around a few things manually.

Play Store Link: Vespertilio Bat OS for KLWP

Vespertilio Bat OS for KLWP 1.0 Screen Shots

Vespertilio Bat OS for KLWP 1.0 Apk Download Links:[2.9 MB]