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A suite of useful tools and calculators when setting up a stereo. Includes:
Tone generator
- Sine, square, triangle, sawtooth waves and linear, cubic, exponential sweeps and white, pink, blue noise.

Enclosure builder
- Rectangular, wedge and circular enclosures, sealed or ported, calculates dimensions given the material thickness, volume and port specs

Enclosure response graph
- Determine the relative gain of the enclosure, based on the T/S specs of the subwoofer.

Crossover builder
- Gives values and schematics for crossovers given load and frequency (High, low, bandpass, narrow bandpass crossovers and Zobel filters).

Wire Gauge Calculator
- Automatically calculate length, load, gauge or number of runs by inputting 3 out of the 4. Also includes a list of wire specs for common gauges.

Decibel Meter
- Calculate the relative decibel level around the device.
(PLEASE NOTE: This is limited by the hardware. The microphone is designed for capturing voices (300-3400Hz). Outside this range, the microphone is not as responsive.)

Amplifier gains calculator
- Given the rated specs of your amplifier, you can properly set your line output to eliminate any clipping.

Ohm's Law Calculator and Common Equations
- Calculate Voltage, Amperage, Wattage or Resistance by inputting 2 of the 4. Includes most common equations for car audio (components in circuits, area and volume of shapes, enclosure specs, waves, etc)

Resistor value finder
- A visual tool to calculate the resistor value given the resistor band

LED resistor calculator
- Find the correct resistor for an LED to run on any voltage circuit

Speaker wiring calculator
- Find the final load of any series/parallel speaker circuit, given the voice coils and impedance. Wiring diagrams for most common setups.
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