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Explore the mysteries of space while listening to your favorite music.14 colorful themes for the music visualization is included.
A new cosmos with different stars is created everytime you start this colorful music visualizer & Live wallpaper. Travel through a breath taking 3D field of galaxies, interstellar clouds and nebulas! A hypnotic and mind elevating effect is guaranteed.
Choose the size of your cosmos! You can make it extremely dense and small, like it was directly after the Big bang. You can also make the cosmos very expanded, like after many billions of years after the Big bang.

Design your cosmos by choosing from stars like Polaris and Alpha Centauri and 5 different galaxies. You can then change the size, rotation and brightness of the stars. Choose between 10 interstellar clouds, set the speed of your journey and much more. Battery saving functionality is also available.


You can play music with Winamp or another player. You can then start this app. It will then sync with the music from your music player. There is no music player with a user interface included in this app. Please use your favorite music player instead and then start this app.

****How to change the music syncing capabilities****

1) Music colors

The app chooses the colors for the stars based on how the music sounds. This will result in a very colorful music visualization. You can choose between 14 different color themes for this.

General info

The app will turn to default mode without reacting to the music, when no music is playing or if you disable "music visualization".


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