iCare Eye Test Pro 3.2.1 Apk For Android Download

iCare Eye Test Pro

iCare Eye Test Pro 3.2.1 Apk For Android

iCare Eye Test Description:

iCare Eye Test Pro could test your vision and color blindness only by mobile!
After the measurement, you can also do workout to protect your eyes better.
✓ Vision Test
✓ Color blindness Test
✓ Astigmatism Test
✓ Sensitivity Test
✓ Eye data management and analysis
✓ Eyes CareEASY TO USE:
Keep the mobile phone in front of you at 40 cm, choose the directionNOTE:
Because we have high requirements on the phone's screen, phones are advised to at least 800X480, screen at least 3.5 inchesReliable data:
1.Deviation of vision value: 0.2 Within
2.Color blindness and color weakness are basically accurateOTHER FEATURES:
✓ Blood pressure measurement
✓ Heart rate measurement
✓ Blood oxygen measurement
✓ Real-time photoplethysmogram (PPG) graph
✓ Respiratory rate measurement
✓ Vision measurement / Eye Test
✓ Hearing measurement / Hearing Test
✓ Lung capacity measurement
✓ Autism-spectrum Test
✓ Pedometer
✓ Vision Care
✓ Workout
✓ Unlimited data storage and tags
✓ Export data for registered users

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